Chocolate Laboratory

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, almost always, but chocolates are, every time. They’re inexpensive, they’re pocket-friendly, they’re everywhere and they satisfy one’s cravings all the time, now that’s a real deal and a lifesaver, boys do take note.

But its production are often tucked away from the public and eventually off the limelight, and on numerous occasions we only get a hold of the end result ~ those neatly wrapped expensive-looking chocolate bars cleverly arranged in a separate aisle of the grocery stores and are effectively utilized as baits and temptations.


Thank heavens we have just the right spot for chocolate lovers in Davao. Plus, if you are more than willing to spare Php450.00 for one session, you can take an active part in the chocolate-making and take home personalized chocolates spiced up with your own desired taste.

Said fee already covers the rent of apron, two Malagos-branded boxes, use of molders, condiments, hairnet, plastic gloves and a creamer containing 250ml of pre-concocted melted chocolate, 60% dark. As a self-proclaimed chocolate addict, guess, I was a very willing victim then. Lol!

I noticed these sign boards when I entered the “laboratory”, and since there were not much tourists (thanks God it was not a weekend, a peak season or a holiday), I was immediately entertained and provided with all the necessary materials by Ms. Lyn who I highly commend for being so attentive with my needs and alert with my requests.

P-rsonal Notes

• The sign board on top says you can choose between white chocolate and dark but during my experiment I was immediately given the dark chocolate without being asked. 🤷🏻‍♀️

As much as I hate to burst your bubble but we did not brew our own chocolate formula from scratch. Well, aside from the fact that it’s time consuming, it needs years of training, skill and mastery to perfect a Malagos-worthy quality recipe. But the experience is still worth the price, I can assure you of that.

I put the apron, hairnet and gloves on before I proceeded to the molders and picked two sets of design.

Next, I grabbed the sauce dish and chose three condiments to build up the flavors I hankered for. I cannot particularly recall what ingredients were provided but I can clearly remember that I chose durian, chili flakes, rock salt, mint leaves, almonds, and dried mangoes among all the others readily available.

I placed the molders close to me and started to fill the little holes one by one until half-full, I then inserted my chosen ingredients then poured the concoction again to cover the little secret.

I did the same procedure for the 2nd molder but this time I’ve done them a little neater. Oh well, there’s no hard and fast rule on how to fill those babies up the same way as there were no rules on the ingredients needed to combine to achieve the fancied taste. I think I combined chili flakes and durian, rock salt and durian, among the many weird combinations I could probably think of. However, if you are not that kind of daring and adventurous, one flavor per molder will do, it’s always up to you.

When I was done and satisfied with my job, I then signaled Ms. Lyn who took my tray and stowed it in the chiller. We waited for 20 minutes for the wet chocolate to completely cool off and harden before it was given to me again for the final steps.

A little tip though, for easy dislodge and to prevent breakage, choose the simple shapes at the beginning. It took me several minutes to take those little pieces out of the molds because of the chocolate seeping through the little corners. Out of four, I broke three of those little horsey necks. Yikes!

I cannot even begin to describe how on earth I did not manage to properly organize them inside the box. It’s like a work of a pre-schooler, I know.

Now I understand what Forrest Gump said, “life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get”, ‘coz after all my efforts, I kinda forgot which among these pieces have the weirdest flavor combination except those little bears which I packed with nothing but only chili flakes. As I said before, I am a sucker for spicy foods.

I think these boxes will continue to surprise us then, good luck!


P.S. Shout out to the bf who I wholeheartedly thank for supporting me in this and for patiently taking several pictures during the process. ILY!


Malagos Garden Resort, Malagos, Davao Del Sur

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