Time Out

There are times days appear to be momentary, quick, swift and short-lived and once in a while they seem to be longer and lingering than they are supposed to be. Times like this, realization dawns upon me that life shouldn’t all be about boring desks, cluttered drawers and endless piles of paperworks for life is meant to be enjoyed as it has to be endured.

Ormoc City, Leyte is just one boat ride away from our hometown making it an ideal escape from domestic drudgery. Coterminously, holidays are a perfect excuse for an impromptu journey.

I always crave for a little stroll along the gravel path or a quick dip in the pool while stuck in my chair back at the office. Having the chance to make this daydream a reality, Sabin strikes as the precise man-made paradise fit for this temporary bliss.

Not a native of this beautiful land, I heard about Sabin from a dear friend who relentlessly promote it as one of their best. Relying on said assurance, we booked a Presidential Suite with no gnawing or second thoughts.

It actually came to a shock upon learning that booking a room is as easy as pie. You just have to call front desk days prior your intended date, state your desired room accommodation, name and contact number then voila ~ you’ve got a reservation.

Their Presidential Suite could be the most expensive in their list but it is the cheapest we’ve had so far at this room type, ever. Php5,500 per night. We’ve been roaming around the country for years now but this is the only Presidential Suite we’ve booked that is equipped with a visitor’s lounge and a visitor’s own comfort room separated from the main bedroom by a sliding door.

A very appealing room size that is three or four times bigger than a standard room is one, but to be furnished with a bath tub, a separate shower, a classic bidet bowl and a toilet bowl is another. Not to mention the large tv, the king-sized bed, the personal bar and the free toiletries and as added touch, the private balcony built just outside the glass doors for that picturesque overlooking view. Truly a great steal and a good value for money!

Sabin lacks nothing when it comes to comfort and convenience. Aside from its 24-hours front desk and security guards on duty who can assist you anytime of the day, it has its own restaurant serving incredible dessers and mouth watering dishes. And apart from the seashore which is just right outside the premises, it houses the finest and the biggest outdoor pool in the area . However they prohibit swimmers from getting inside their restaurant wet which is a bit of a bummer for us but still kudos to the staff for being so polite, courteous and helpful.

And lest we forget, one should not pass the opportunity of tasting their freshly squeezed pineapple juice up. After all, Ormoc City now promotes their “queen pineapple” as one of the best tasting there is in the entire country.

Harried days are made more bearable with a little time out from the worldly pressures. And Sabin’s laidback ambience and outstanding service provided us our much needed breathing space from the incessant demands of our workload, far from being perfect perhaps but exceptional. So what’s your ideal breather? Care to share?




Ormoc City, Leyte

(053) 561-4243 / (053) 561-4499

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