ECQ Diaries: Missing our Cebu Foodventures

It’s not easy to be in an enhanced community quarantine. It is such a bugger that we have no other option but lock ourselves up within the confines of our homes and miss on things we normally do, because the enemy is invisible. #Covid19

During these challenging times, I repeatedly browse on old pics to somehow keep my sanity intact. A realization then dawned on me that I was able to keep a number of food photos in my trusted phone, hence, this blog post.

I don’t generally take photos of my food all the time, but since I was enhancing my noob photography skills back then, they became my subject for quite a while. So please allow us to let your eyes feast on these babies.


This post could be the most personal of all as I share to you some snippets of our daily life as well as our food preferences and recommendations. True enough, we highlight our inner selves through food. After all, food is a symbol of love when words are inadequate, I don’t know who said that but I definitely agree.


I may be toooo biased on this since this is our favorite dating spot but Dimsum Break, for us, is one of the best fastfood chains in my hometown. Hands down to the best dimsum ever. I particularly like their Siomai with Quail’s Egg and their unparalleled and most coveted steamed rice. Value meal #4 please with Milk Tea Xie Ping.


Providore is where we usually hold client meetings when times were normal. One, it’s classy and two, we can expect quietude. My top picks on their menu are definitely Carbonara and Fruit Punch.


TGIF is one of our ideal food spots when we crave for steaks. This place somehow resembles an American diner with huge plated servings and at the same time, bottomless drinks. Over time, their strawberry iced tea became our “usual” . Of all the restos in this list, only TGIF offers complimentary appetizer. Yum!


When we speak of Crispy Pata, Alejandro’s is the place to be. It’s preferred and best-loved by the locals and I can, in all honesty, remember devouring one whole pata on my own since I refused to share it with him. 😁


We have another Cebu gem, this time featuring a chicken dish. Aside from the fact that they offer generous servings at a very affordable price, their fried chicken is an absolute bliss. Especially when you dip it in a combined tomato catsup, Worcestershire and hot chili sauce. Sounds weird right? But it’s awfully delicious, a must-try.


For late wine nights and French inspired set up, La Vie is our best bet. They serve French pastries too and the interiors are damn good-looking. IG-worthy.


For a cup of drip coffee, UCC is our top pick. It’s addicting and highly satisfying. I can particularly recall a friend who got hooked by its taste in an instant. Glad we introduced this one to him ‘coz it’s really goood.


Although a Thai restaurant, Siam has the best “puto with mangga” (steamed rice cakes with ripe mangoes) for me. It’s a Filipino delicacy paired with “sikwate” (hot chocolate drink) though Siam added cherry on top for a different twist. A thing Filipinos don’t do on this dish but I strangely love. Most of the time, I intentionally dined in Siam just to order this meal.


Our absolute favorite combo when we are on a tight budget. Siomai plus pancit canton plus Sol’s halo halo. Ahhh, mouthwatering! If my memory serves me right, we just paid more or less Php300 for 15 puso (hanging rice), 20 siomai, 3 Chili-Mansi pancit canton and 4 bottles of softdrinks. Sol’s is priced at Php70 too per tub. Sulit na sulit. Not to mention, Sol’s now holds the title as the premier halo halo in town, at least on my list.


When we talk about pork barbecue, AA’s is unrivaled, second to none. It has this satisfying taste I can’t seem to find from the others. Embarrassing as it may seem but I did once consume 20 sticks of pork bbq and 1 cup of rice. Oopsiie.


Our recent addiction before the implementation of ECQ, Korean cheese noodles plus Java frappe. Ugghhhh! I tried a lot of Java frappe in my life but theirs is absolutely the beeessstt. Hey, newfound love!


But, CBTL will always be our ultimate love for a daily coffee fix, one Caramel Ice Blended for me and one hot Americano for him. We are addicted. No wonder why every Christmas Season, it’s so easy for us to collect 5-6 journals and give it to our friends. Well, our day isn’t complete without it.


And we should not forget every girl’s current obsession, milk tea. My personal choice is no other than Pearl Milk Tea and Cheesecake by Macao Imperial. It is so special and it has the taste like no other. Sadly, it’s also the reason for my weight gain. Hehe.

Our remarkable journey began and will always include food. While there are still a lot of recommended food stops on our list, unfortunately, I have no pictures of them all. Cebu is a food haven too and it never sleeps, it used to be.

Although I’m looking forward to the ens of this ECQ, I’m also quite perturbed and at the same time intrigued by the advent of this “new normal”, I know we have to adjust and adapt with the changes. I just hope our new normal still include food and lots of it.

How about you, what do you distinctly miss?

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