Go Healthy and Artsy with Buzzz Café (Bohol)

Fast food for fast paced life, always convenient but never healthy and while we absolutely subscribe to this thought, we could never escape this part of our reality.

Sadly, our modern lifestyle often gives us little to no room for home made dishes or decent meals so considering nutrition packed food is almost always not an option. While we kind of abhor and at the same time delight in this kind of culture, yet, we never had that much of a choice.

So it was truly a breath of fresh air when we chanced on Buzzz Café one weekend and we must say such discovery truly is a game and a life changer.

Buzzz Café was first introduced to us Cebuanos by Robinson’s Galleria when it opened 4 years ago. It’s fresh, it was unheard of and it really piqued our curiosity. Right then and there we immediately knew we had to have a try of this new offering which has its origins in the neighboring island of Cebu ~ Bohol.

(c) John Kyvin Hynson

One’s creativity or artistry is immediately apparent from the very moment you step inside the premises. We believe they should thank their marketing heads or interior designers or whoever visualized their theme and concept for choosing that homey, cozy and vibrant vibe. Each branch never fails to provide a relaxing atmosphere or a memorable experience every visit.

(c) John Kyvin Hynson
Bohol Bee Farm, Dauis, Bohol

As restaurants exist to please everyone’s sense of taste, we are aware that only “food” could either be its make or break. And we are proud to say that Buzzz Café exceeded our expectations. We are truly delighted how each food in their menu is served generously and of great quality. They are delicious, breathtaking and presentation-wise, innovative, leaving one craving for more. For instance, real flowers are used as embellishments, cassavas are recreated as ice cream cones and brown rice is served instead of white rice.

We also appreciate their concern for the environment as apparently shown from the way they use long neck glass bottles for service water, paper straws and cloth table napkins.

But my absolute favorite will always be their halo-halo and ice cream, of course desserts. These are two of the many reasons why we keep on coming back. While they give you the freedom to choose the flavor/s of the ice cream on top, each halo halo is served using fresh fruits, milk and crushed ice. Yes, we’d love to call it “halo-halo-fruit salad fusion” as it deviates from the normal standard of using processed ingredients such as nata de coco and kaong making it more healthy and tasty

(c) John Kyvin Hynson

Ice creams are made from fresh real fruits that every lick resembles actual bite of the natural fruit. That’s how organic and good they are.

His (Durian) and Her (Chocolate) Favorites

P-rsonal Notes

• We love the Durian-Mango ice cream combination in a Halo-Halo although my absolute ice cream flavor is Chocolate

• Halo-Halo is 190php with free 2 scoops of ice cream

• Ice creams are 70php per scoop

And the best part? Free items. They serve complimentary food that wards boredom and hunger off while waiting for your orders.

Right now they already serve combo meals which are tasty yet budget friendly.

We have every reason to consider Buzzz as our all-time favorite. Foods are nutritious, delicious, and heavenly far from the “fast foods” we are accustomed to.

So what other restaurants can you recommend?

Buzz Café Bohol Branches:

📍Bohol Bee Farm, Dauis

📍Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City

📍Lite Port Tagbilaran City

📍Galleria Luisa Home, Tagbilaran City

📍Alona Beach, Panglao

📍Alturas Mall, Tubigon

Buzz Café Cebu Branches

📍SM Seaside Cebu

📍Robinson’s Galleria Cebu

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